Girl Post! Sorry guys, this won’t be valuable to you, unless of course you want to score points with that special girl in your life!

So, you all know how much I love fitness and fashion right? And when I can marry the two of them together I am in ULTIMATE BLISS!   Thankfully, I have wonderful people in my life that ‘get’ that about me! A few weeks ago I went to my social media community and posted about trying to find new leggings… I was very specific in my post as I can only accommodate a certain style legging that suits my liking! Both on the fashion/fitness front and in the way they fit! They must cater to all areas of my life (I warned that I was a bit of a legging snob!). Well, ask and you shall receive! A few weeks later a client of mine messaged me asking if I would like to review some leggings she has available on her website! She runs an online fitness/wellness business called Wholesome & Fit! How perfect right?! I jumped at the opportunity, of course!

She sent me a pair in the mail and I received them at the beginning of this week! They came in perfect timing as I teach PiYO on Tuesdays and do my mid-week running around on Wednesdays usually…. AND I do both in comfy, fashionable clothes; perfect opportunity to test these leggings out!

 Here are my MUSTS for a legging that will suit me well…..

{{-Have a VERY small waistband that doesn't dig into my waist (for non flattering issues).

-Be LOW RISE. Meaning the waistband needs to hit directly below my hip bones!

-In addition to being low rise, they must be long enough to wrap around my heal and still not create that saggy crotch effect (lol, sorry! but it's a MUST)

-And last but not least they must be cute for when I teach my PiYO classes and for every opportunity that I will wear these out and about to run errands in and such!

-They MUST be functional and fashionable! }}


There you have it! Those are the characteristics I’m looking for in a legging! So let’s get down to my personal REVIEW of them!


PERSONAL REIVEW of the Green Apple Radiance Fit Legging on

From the moment I anxiously tore open the box and put my fashionable fit freak hands on them I was in love. The material is LEGIT. Very high quality, stretchy material that is super soft to the touch. I checked out the material contents right away since I know this product is eco-friendly and sure enough, it is, made from 70% Bamboo/15% Organic Cotton/15% Lycra. Love every bit of that!

I can tell in the first 3 seconds of putting my legs into a legging if I’m going to like them or not just by the elasticity they reflect when my foot glides through each leg and up my not so thin thighs (I have muscle people, these athletic legs need room!). Success. They passed test #1. Next was if they were going to pass my waistband test! So up and over my waist I pulled them and sure enough they fit like a glove and hit directly below my hips like I LOVE. I did a happy dance for the record.   P.S. I’m about 5’6” and around 150lbs with a muscular, athletic built and I went with a size Medium, it was the perfect fit. And these leggings are in no way 'see through'.  That's an important point to make with leggings!

So now that I know they fit and I loved them. The next step was to test these babies out for a spin on the town to get my errands done! I matched them with a cute PiYO tank, jean jacket and a cute Fall scarf with a pair of flip flops and it worked well together! Even pulled my fav UGG boots out to see if they’d pass the fashion test with these leggings, they did! Needless to say, these were very comfortable to run errands in, totally functional and fashionable. You could totally hit up the gym and then head out to run errands afterwards and still look cute with these leggings. Time saving and fashionable, those are my kinda pants!

Last test was the fitness part… could they be doubled as a perfect fit for PiYO?   For 30 straight minutes, I lead a class full of women doing down dogs, PiYO pus ups, side planks along with several strength and stretch moves for a complete low pact, but highly intense sweat fest.   They fit the bill. Totally breathable, comfortable and moved great with my body throughout the entire exercise.   A win in my book with a capital W.

As you’ve probably got the idea already… I really love these leggings and I’m giving them an A+ on all accounts, but you’re probably wondering what I didn’t like about them… Sure, there are definitely some downfalls that I was bummed about with these almost perfect leggings for ME. And not to say they won’t be perfect for someone else, but this is just my personal list of ‘I wish they hads”.

I wish they were longer and I could wrap them around the bottom of my heel.

I wish they had them in more designs and colors other than black. Because I total want more and I live loud fashionably!

That’s it 🙂 Otherwise, they are AMAZING. Let’s talk price really quick because I know that’s a question on everyone’s mind. They are $50 even. Seems pricy for a pair of leggings huh? Yes, I thought so too. But here’s my opinion on that…. I’m picky with leggings, I want something that is good quality, will last, that is functional both in fitness and in fashion. I want leggings that I can run to the store in and not look like I’m a worn out housewife in, that I can wear to the gym and it accents my legs and booty making me feel good about myself, thus making me push myself hard in the gym. Face it, when you look good in your workout gear, you push harder in your workouts. These are a VERY versatile pair of pants/leggings. They can be worn more than once for many different occasions. I see myself living in these all winter. So yes, $50 is justifiable for me. I just may need another pair 😉



Head on over to to get yourself a pair! Click on this direct link to check them out >>>>

Also, be sure to head on over to Wholesome & Fit’s Facebook page and click LIKE to check out their other great products as well!