Liz Bollini

• 4 Star Diamond Team Beachbody Coach
• Success Club All Star Legend (50 straight months)
• Team Beachbody Cup Team Leader (Top 20 of 1,000+ teams)
• Top Success Club earner in April 2014 (Out of 100,000+ coaches network wide)

• Ranked in the 150 team of coaches in the Beachbody Network (Out of 450,000+ coaches network wide)
• Certified TurboKick Instructor
• Certified Insanity Instructor
• Certified PiYO Instructor

My Story. Where It All Began…..

At the end of 2010, I found myself miserable and hating the way I looked. I wasn’t what you would call obese, but I was overweight. I struggled with body image and food for years and used to cry when I looked in the mirror. I felt so out of control and hopeless. And as a mother and a wife that left me feeling defeated and more and more like I was not being the person that my family deserved. I would try diets that would make me lose weight fast, but I could never seem to keep it off. I was sick of having low self esteem. I was always letting my weight navigate my life, worrying about what people were thinking about me and the way I looked. It held me back from doing things because I was telling myself that once I lost the weight, that’s when I would do it. I felt depressed and would avoid hanging out with people and being the fun, active person that I knew I was. Nothing was mine. My life, my thoughts, my emotions I allowed to be controlled by my negative thoughts. I was finally pushed to the point that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, I deserved better than this and so did my children and husband. That’s when I was at the dawning of a new year and that was my opportunity to start fresh and make a change. I started exercising and eating healthy, I was on my way. One night I was on my elliptical and on the TV screen I seen an infomercial for a program called TurboFire. I thought, “Wow, this looks like a ton of fun, I want to do this!” So I ordered it and started right away. This was the turning point. Once I had changed my lifestyle, everything got better. In one round of TurboFire, 90 days, I reached my goal weight and lost 30lbs. I was in the best shape of my life since having my twins. I was happy and things were looking up.

Where Do We Go From Here?

That same year that I had my amazing physical transformation, I became a Beachbody Coach. Why? Well I kinda fell into it! I had no idea what it really was, I just knew that if I became a coach I got to be surrounded by all these amazing and supportive people and get a discount on my Beachbody favorites! It wasn’t until others started to follow in my footsteps; friends, family… they all wanted to know what I was doing to lose weight and turn into this happy, active, fit mama. I showed them the way, the system that I had found with Beachbody.

My Why….

Now I help other people discover how much better life can be when you feel confident and love yourself and your body. I’ve made it my mission to help others do what I did. I work with a solid mantra of stop trying to be perfect, stop trying to cut out your favorite foods. Talk to someone who has been where you are at and can guide you and connect you to resources on how to start working out and how to eat in a healthy, moderate way. I love motivating people to change their lives. I tell them all about my personal struggles and try to relate to them. No one deserves to feel the way I felt. It affects your entire life. You can’t be there mentally if you’re not there physically. I am now accomplishing things I never could have imagined, including starting my own fitness business leading a team of 200+ people to live a life of health and wealth and who help others do the same. I want to show others what is possible when you really set your mind to something. XOXO –Liz